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Current consultations

Carer strategy engagement

Ealing council are currently working with their partners to develop a new carer strategy for 2018 to 2025 to be launched in 2017. It will be an all-ages strategy, aimed at supporting carers to both continue caring and to have a life of their own.

The council recognise the crucial role that carers play in the lives of those they care for, and want to enable carers in Ealing to have the information, advice and support they need and to have a life of their own alongside their caring roles.

They want to work with carers to design a strategy and work together with individuals, groups and organisations to find out what's working, what needs to change and how they can do that in partnership. The council have already consulted with carers at various events over the last two years since the introduction of the Care Act and now want to start building on this. As a result of the conversations, they have produced a number of key themes that they have based the draft strategy on: The proposed priority areas for 2018-2025 are improving: 

  • Finance and economic well-being of carers
  • Carer Identification
  • Training to support carers in skills to care and increase confidence
  • Information and support available to carers
  • Support carers in employment, education or leisure
  • Engagement in service development and promoting carer involvement as expert carer
  • To improve choice and flexibility in support services available
  • Young Carers identification and support
  • Parent carer support

The draft strategy sets out their commitment to carers and describes how Ealing Council and Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group will support carers of all ages in the period 2018 - 2025.

This updates the work of the previous strategy published in 2013 to include new legislation which consolidates the rights of carers of all ages and requires collaborative working between Children's and Adult Social Care and health organisations.

The strategy covers adult and young carers and parent carers of children with disabilities.

Ealing council will continue speaking with carers as they develop the final strategy over the coming month. The draft strategy is available for consultation so that carers can let the council know what they think of the draft and if there are any ways they can improve it.

They would like to hear your views on whether these are the correct priorities.

If you want further information about the development of the strategy or have any questions, please contact Lorna Fleming on flemingl@ealing.gov.uk